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Madeira is in itself a magic place where people find the best conditions to relax and contemplate the stunning nature. Everyone who gets the chance to step on this land falls in love with it.

It happened also to me. In December 2016 I took a last minute offer package holiday, in the attempt to get a break from the cold and rainy Denmark.  What a relief to step out of the plane and be embraced by the generous sun. With every day that passed my heart was more and more convinced that I have found my new home. Apart the beauty of the nature and the welcoming weather, there was something more that impressed me which in the beginning was not quite clear to me. Every time I would hear the local people talking Portuguese with their Madeiran accent I felt a soft sensation in my heart, like this was not new to me. I believe I have deeper mysterious connections with this place which I cannot explain in words.

Only three months later I moved here and since then I congratulate myself every day for this choice I made.

Madeira is giving a lot to me and I want to give as much back to the people living here. I was told many times in different circumstances that I have a gift for healing. Not by coincidence I guess I worked as a nurse for 9 years and as a massage therapist for 12 years. Meanwhile I became also a yoga teacher and a Gestalt therapist. I like to listen and give space for people to talk about what it is important to them. People need to be seen, heard, accepted and valued for who they are. Success in business or prosperity can be great but the true sense of fulfilment comes from the experience of being connected with other human beings, with the environment and with the divine.

I invite all of you who are curious to explore your human potential, or in need for emotional clarity, come and share your world, your needs, your wishes and hopes for a better life.

I offer massages, therapy sessions, yoga sessions and spiritual consultations.

For all readers of this blog Althea offers 20 percent discount for all my sessions.

For more details please visit my website www.madeira-inner-alchemy.com or Facebook Page

Looking forward to meet you,