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The wind eems to be the main cause of problems today on the island. The airport has been running fine with all flights so far landing.

Last night the wind took the shelter from the football ground and sports centre at Camara de Lobos.

Photos from Duarte Roda.

The strong gusts of wind have also forced police to close the access road to the sports shop Decathlon in São Martinho, as large metal advertising boards were becoming detached. Fire fighters had already been called to the store in the early hours of the morning as an advertising board had become loose.



Trees have blown down in some areas, and firemen were called to an empty building near Anadia shopping in the early hours, they had to remove 12 large zinc sheets that were in danger of falling from the building. The yellow warning for strong winds will stay in place till at least 3pm today. A top gust of 116km has been recorded on Pico Areeiro.


Earlier this morning, a blast ripped an aluminium plate from the emergency department’s cover at Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital in Funchal.

The incident occurred around 10.15 am, just in front of the entrance of the paediatric emergency department. The sheeting almost hit a car but no injuries reported