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The bad weather at sea has affected the cruise ships in the Port of Funchal. As a result of the sea turmoil, two cruise ships that had planned to sail during the night remain ‘retained’ inside the port. On the other hand, two other cruises, both coming from the Canary Islands, who were supposed  to dock this morning in port, were prevented from doing so. The Nowergian Spirit, which had a stopover in the Region until 4 pm, is already on its way to the next destination, Malaga Spain. The other ship, the Aidasol, which is supposed to be moored until tomorrow night, remains anchored out in Funchal bay.

Inside the port remain the Aidaprima, who should have left at midnight, and the Marella Dream, which also did not release moorings by 5:30, as scheduled.

Curiously, the ‘yellow’ warning issued by the IPMA for the maritime agitation, with waves from 4 to 4.5 meters, covers only the north coast of Madeira and Porto Santo.

After the setbacks in the air that happened yesterday at the Madeira Airport, with 8 flights cancelled and some diverted, now it’s the turn of the wind to condition the desired normality in the Port of Funchal.

The ships are due to leave about now from the Port of Funchal, and hopefully Aidasol can dock. As I was writing this I checked the webcams and as you can see from the leading photo, the ships are just leaving.