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A friend has sent me this, another example of being ripped off in the Market of Funchal, which the Tourist Board love to promote and do nothing about.

My guests have visited the Mercado last Tuesday in Funchal. A lady vendor had them taste dates, which were nice and juicy, so they decided to buy. What they got were dates from a different lot, old, dry and practically inedible, at a horrendous price of 18 Euros for a small bag that contained 400 grams, all of 24 dates. Obviously they only found out they had been cheated later.  Incredible how people insist tourists must be ripped off on this island, which has so much to offer but which is starting to ruin its name.

It just shows that all the investigations and checks they carried out only a few weeks back, means nothing, and more and more tourists will come away with fruit that is only fit for the bin.

A typical stall to avoid, with all the passion fruit that have been laced with sugar to make taste sweet…And yes I have seen them do it.