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A few weeks ago, a film crew arrived on the island of Madeira to film a new show on behalf of the BBC. The production company had spent months carefully choosing key people to star in the show and who they knew would make an interesting program. The premise of the show is to find a rental property for a couple who want to live abroad for a couple of months a year, to escape the cold winters. The show also focuses on the economics of being able to live overseas, how they will be able to afford it, what will they do with their own home whilst away and other questions. Some rent their own homes out, some ebay loads of stuff to cover their mortgage/bills etc. Diane from Scotland features in the show filmed in Madeira. She and her husband are selling their house in the UK, and have decided to come to the island in the winter months as it is warmer than in the UK. This show is slightly different than others as one member of the couple come to the winter destination and their partner stays at home. During the property showings, they video call each other and at the end of the show they have a final video call and make a decision. Diane was shown various properties in Funchal, Madalenas do Mar, Canico and Garajau. Cecilia Lewington from AYS was the chosen property agent for the show, and she showed the various properties to Diane. The crew drove around the island and filmed the beautiful scenery and some of the famous landmarks. The show will air in February or March on weekday afternoons at 4pm. As yet, they have not come to a final decision about what to call the show.

Thank you to Lexi Lawson for this blog information an who spent a lot of time with the crew while filming. As soon as we know Name, Date and Time of the show, I will let you all know through my blog.