The winners of this year’s edition of the Trapalhão Court of Funchal are already known.

In Adult Class:

Group category (minimum of six people) – Ignoration of the ferry (prize of 500 euros)

Pair Category – Car back to the city (prize of 150 euros)

Category Individual – Mocho (prize of 100 euros)

In Children class:

Group category (minimum six people) – Smurfs (prize of 300 euros)

Category Individual – Father maroto (prize of 100 euros)

In the Class of Best Bummer:

Category of Best Theme – Arrival of the sights (prize of 500 euros)

Best Animated Category – The tribe (prize of 500 euros)

Category of Best Solidarity Animation – Social cause (prize of 300 euros)

In the Class King Trapalhão and Transvestite:

Category Rei Trapalhão – Viking, played by Nelson Aguiar (prize of 100 euros)

Best Transvestite Category – Sr Ferreira, played by Xavier Agrela (prize of 100 euros)

Thanks Nikki Phoenix for the photos