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Associated with a depression that will also affect the neighbouring archipelago of the Canaries, Madeira is expected to face heavy rains next Sunday and Tuesday. Predicted rainfall figures, posted on various weather websites available on the Internet, point to Tuesday near February 20th 2010 values. That has been confirmed by several sources we believe are credible, geographer and ecologist Raimundo Quintal, who, however, was very clear in considering that the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere is a more than credible entity, noting that it has not yet issued any notice of particular relevance to the population.

The Canary Islands are already preparing for the storm, predicting the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) torrential rains in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, where it expects rainfall of up to 15 litres per square meter in just one hour and up to 60 litres in 24 hours.

Funchal News contacted the Municipality of Funchal to see if the building has already put in place a plan to cope with the approaching rains, such as the cleaning of the city’s pulps, to facilitate runoff. However, from the Office of the Presidency, we have been informed for two days that the municipality’s indication of the Municipal Civil Protection Service “is that there is only a slight deterioration of the weather situation for the weekend, which will not be enough to trigger the yellow alert. ”

However, the meteorologist did not fail to confirm that there will be precipitation, starting particularly with a higher incidence on Sunday, from midmorning, with “moderate and potentially heavy rainfall in the mountainous regions.” He admitted that it could possibly motivate a yellow warning, and added that on Saturday will meet with the Civil Protection to evaluate the situation and recommend possible measures to take. The rain will grow stronger from noon on Sunday.

Already on Tuesday, the situation becomes possibly more worrisome, since the rain will run sensibly all day. Vítor Prior says it will rain continuously, but that there will be precipitation spikes in a few hours. Nevertheless, it is necessary to wait until Sunday to be able to have the effective notion of the gravity, or not severity of the rain that will reach the archipelago of Madeira on Tuesday. The figures for precipitation, he insists, will be “very far from 20 February” [2010].

Vitor Prior advises people not to worry excessively, feeding useless panics. Instead, they should be aware of warnings that may be transmitted by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere and Civil Protection.

For his part, the geographer Raimundo Quintal admitted to Funchal News that he has accompanied the forecasts of several meteorological sites that point to high precipitation levels, but, as we said, he underlined the entire credibility of the IPMA, which, he trusts, will certainly issue the necessary warnings population if the situation worsens. However, regardless of the precipitation severity, he commented that there are good practices that should be taken, both by the Municipality of Funchal and the Regional Government, to prevent potentially more serious situations with high rainfall rates. The cleaning of the adufas is between them. Raimundo Quintal says he has noticed, recently, that the adufas on Avenida Zarco, near the Palace of São Lourenço, are clogged, a situation that is not acceptable when one takes into account the fact that this street has recently been the target of improvement works. The adufas of the other streets may be in an even worse state of cleaning.

On the other hand, the ecologist stressed that on the road between Terreiro da Luta and Poiso there are numerous tree trunks at risk of falling onto the road and reaching the cars; even recently, he said, a tree struck a tourist’s car.

As positive points, Raimundo Quintal says that the weather radar of Porto Santo is apparently working well, apparently not suffering from the same problems as the military radar, and that this is yet another warning instrument to warn of severe weather conditions.

Raimundo Quintal says that there are strong rainfall values, but what may or may not make the situation dangerous is the accumulation of water in the soil, which facilitates landslides. On Monday, bad weather should ease, possibly providing a window between Sunday and Tuesday. However, if the rain persists a lot, Tuesday could be a more worrying day, requiring some care from entities and people

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The wind looks pretty strong from Wind Guru, But Sunday should not be to much of a bother as it is early morning, but this could all change over the next few days.