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A false profile, created on facebook, has been the ‘fuse’ for a number of headaches and many annoyances to many Madeirans.

The scheme assembled, according to JM, is based on the image of a showy girl, named Lucianna Lopez. It is this fictitious character who asks for male friendships and tries to establish private conversations, which later have been used for the purpose of practicing the crime of extortion, threatening to make public any and all untruths committed by the deceived person. The mockery has already arrived in the region and involves, as we have learned, some well-known faces …

In Portuguese law, there are doubts about the illegality of creating false profiles, but when this gives rise to cases of extortion the criminal frame is already quite explicit. For visas, it is advisable to contact the Judiciary Police, which is responsible for investigating cases that constitute cybercrime situations.