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At around 8.30am there was a gust of wind of 164 km / h at the station of Madeira Airport, located in the control tower of the airport infrastructure. By 9 am this was the strongest gust recorded today in the Region, which is under red warning for the wind in the mountainous regions, with forecasts of up to 140 km / h (orange warning for the South coast, with gusts up to 110 km / h) and for the maritime agitation on the South Coast, with waves of 7 to 8 meters of significant height, being able to reach the 14 meters.

Equally above the IPMA limit was the wind that blew at Chão do Areeiro, which this morning reached 158 km / h.

Over 100 km / h there are records of gusts at Ponta do Pargo (121 km / h), Lombo da Terça (130 km / h), Pico Alto (116 km / h) and Porto Moniz (111 km / h).