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Thank you to Nelio Filipe Marques for the great photo taken yesterday.

Today is much calmer as forecast, but the weather will change again from tomorrow. If you are travelling to and from the island keep up to date on the situation here, and take extra food and drink in case of delays or cancellations. Charger or Powerbank for your phone is a good idea in these situations.

According to the updated information on the page of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), between the early morning of Tuesday and Tuesday afternoon, the island of Madeira will be under orange warning due to heavy rain.

The IPMA also puts under orange warning, due to the strong maritime agitation, the South Coast of the Island, from the 9pm tomorrow till 6am on 1st March waves on the South Coast can reach 6.5 meters.

Similarly, in Porto Santo the state of the sea is expected to worsen from 9 am Wednesday. The orange warning shall be maintained (for both the South Coast and the Porto Santo) until 1 March (Thursday).

The mountainous areas of the island will still be under orange warning due to the strong wind, which may reach bursts of 120km / h, from 02.00 on Tuesday and until the beginning of Wednesday morning.

Apart from the situations described previously, the remaining areas of the archipelago will be on yellow warning due to the strong wind, in the order of 90 km / h, until Wednesday.