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The renovation of the building Photografia Vicentes Museum, in Funchal, will be completed next June, after an investment of 820 thousand euros.

The work in progress, under the responsibility of the Regional Government, will make it possible to reclassify a property that is more than 100 years old and which has evident signs of degradation that did not dignify the estate and the Museum itself.

The building was built at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century, and located in the historical centre of the parish of São Pedro, within the area of ​​Urban Rehabilitation (ARU).

With this undertaking, aesthetically unique elements, such as ceilings, stairs, crown moulding, handrails, laces of sheet metal and wood will be preserved in the existing building.

The guillotine windows, the carpenters, the lettering’s of the time and the existing painted signs will be restored. There will also be a lift inside the building, which ensures access for people with reduced mobility.

The building will be endowed with areas for temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions, a small cafeteria and a room destined for cinematographic sessions, conferences and multimedia space.

Taken from http://www.madeiratravelnews.com