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Raimundo Quintal, an environmentalist and former councillor of the Municipality of Funchal with the Environment Department, today criticised the “miserable image” that Ribeira de João Gomes continues to present, after eight years on the tragedy of February 20, 2010.

Two weeks before the 8th anniversary of the event, “today I will only show for the umpteenth time the miserable image of Ribeira de João Gomes between the barracks of the Madeiran Volunteer Firemen and the Farmers Market,” criticises Raimundo Quintal, in a text to which the JM had access and that is illustrated with photographs that show the banks of the Ribeira de João Gomes still with provisional protections.

“In eight years there was no time and a few euros to replace the balconies and to lodge one of the main entrances in the city. Attention, I’m not talking about the concrete cover of the walls built in the 19th century, “he said, concluding that” Funchal deserves more care. ”

“We deserve more respect. Lords of the Regional Government and the Câmara do Funchal, understand each other. Eight years is a long time! “He said.