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Environmentalist again warns about the lack of conditions for tourists and passers-by in one of Madeira’s natural sanctuaries.

“Ribeiro Frio – From Paradise to Chaos” This is the small but incisive text that Raimundo Quintal has just published on Facebook. The author, a well-known environmentalist, geographer and researcher, returns to a topic on which he has written several times to ask the Regional Government for more attention to this highly sought after location by tourists and residents.

“The place of Ribeiro Frio brings together all the natural conditions to be a paradise.” The morphology of the relief, the Laurissilva, the water associated in a fantastic way. ”

But what Nature created man is destroying. Raimundo Quintal warns.

And it continues “The old tea house has become a miserable ruin, only bathrooms in the restaurants, the Environmental Education centre is abandoned and the signage along the rails is illegible.

In the morning along the single street are concentrated dozens of buses, vans and light vehicles. The driver of the bus has enormous difficulty in passing, where in every moment tourists leave in search of poncha and toilet “.

For all this, Raimundo resorts to sarcasm to underline an appeal: “Ladies Secretaries of Tourism and Environment continue to play to the carnivals in downtown, leaving chaos to invade the natural sanctuaries of Madeira …”

For years the Regional Government has announced to this place a traffic management program that will allow better security for the thousands of tourists who are looking for Ribeiro Frio. The works promised and successively postponed were announced for last September and then for the end of the year, but were postponed again this year.

Taken from JM