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This is a straight translation from the DN


The director of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal ensures that rain expected for tomorrow, throughout the archipelago of Madeira, will be less than the precipitation that occurred on February 20, 2010.

According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, the peak of precipitation could reach 90 mm between 12 and 13 o’clock tomorrow, Sunday, in the mountainous regions of the west of the island.

After all, Víctor Prior guarantees that despite the expected precipitation being high, “it will not rain more than on February 20. On that day the rain reached a precipitation of 50 mm in an hour. Tomorrow the 90 mm of precipitation forecast for a period of three hours, between 12h and 15 hours, equals only 30 mm per hour, “he explains.

Vítor Prior says it is important to inform the population for atmospheric forecasts, but that there is no reason for alarm. Although no worsening of warnings for precipitation can be guessed, there is a strong possibility that the orange warning will rise to red relative to the wind, this being the main motivator of the meteorologist’s concern for tomorrow, February 25 (Sunday) .

The IPMA has just issued a communique explaining that the rain and wind forecast for Madeira originate in a depressive region with several nuclei cantered in the north and / or north-west of the Azores and Madeira archipelagos and to which are associated frontal systems, will affect the weather state next week. This meteorological situation is characterised by the occurrence of continuous precipitation which can be especially strong on days 25, 27 and 28. It is also forecast to have a strong west wind, sometimes very strong in the highlands, reaching up to 120 km / h . In the next few days the sea state will have a change, in particular on the south and west coast of the island of Madeira, with waves of southwest-southwest which may temporarily lead to the issuance of warning.

It is recalled that the archipelago of Madeira will be tomorrow morning under yellow warning, which will progress to orange (the second most serious on a scale of four), from 11 o’clock, due to periods of rain or showers, sometimes strong and accompanied of thunderstorm.

Also the strong wind forecast will install the orange warning in the same period (between 11h and 15h), in mountainous regions with gusts expected to reach 120 km / h.

Bad weather will also be felt in the sea. The IPMA provides for sea turmoil on the south coast of Madeira and Porto Santo, with a yellow warning due to the waves that should oscillate between 4 and 4.5 meters.

Looking at the wind situation, It looks like tomorrow morning will be as bad as they forecast, and should be better by mid afternoon. Staying with the wind forecast next week looks particularly bad, if you are travelling I would suggest checking in on my blog or sign up to receive alerts. Monday and Friday look the best days for travel.

Lobo Marinho has postponed its departure for tomorrow due to the weather warnings. It will now depart Funchal at 3pm, instead of the normal 8am slot.