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A translation from DN

The Captain of the Port of Funchal made statements this morning about the weather forecast for the next few days.

“The forecast at the moment is the continuation of bad weather for the entire archipelago of Madeira, with an aggravation for tomorrow,” said sea captain Paulo da Silva Ribeiro.

“The sea can reach, in the South Coast, values ​​in the region of  12 to 14 meters high,” he stressed.

This forecast is valid for the day after tomorrow and also for the following night, although the bad weather should continue (although with less intensity) after the 1st of March, with a swell in the house of 6 to 7 meters, at least until the next Sunday (4th of March).

In addition to the adverse state of the sea, the strong southwest wind will also be felt throughout the archipelago, especially on the South Coast of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.

Madeira reinforces Naval device

In the face of adverse weather, Captain Silva Ribeiro admitted a reinforcement of the Naval device, with the ocean patrol vessel Figueira da Foz, which is currently on its way to the archipelago.

The arrival of the ship is scheduled for late afternoon / early evening to the Port of Funchal, and it should remain here in Madeira until an improvement of the weather is verified.

At the same time, the Captaincy has already activated reinforcement in the patrol of the South Coast of the island.

Captaincy warns caution

Following the previous forecasts, the Port Captain of Funchal left some recommendations to the population, especially to the maritime community:

– Avoid coastal shore excursions, because due to rippling levels the sea can reach apparently safe coast areas;

– (To ship-owners) checking and reinforcement of mooring of vessels when moored;

– Continuous surveillance during the most critical period (between the dawn of tomorrow and the dawn of Thursday).

– Immediate return of all vessels that are in the sea to the nearest harbour of shelter.

The sea has already caused damage around the coast. The walkway and ramp at Praia Formosa has been damaged, by the strong seas.

More Sand Please for Calheta Beach.

A video of the sea in Calheta shows that once again the sand will be washed away, and a top up needed before summer.

Paul do Mar also has the sea breaching the wall, and showering the road with stones.

So far the Cival Protection confirms that only some tress have fallen, and a few roads closed due to the bad weather in the area. No major damage to homes or buildings have been reported.


You have 1 hour to get yourself ready to watch Get Away for Winter on BBC1 at 15.45. If you are outside the UK you can watch the show Live on this link https://tvcatchup.com/watch/bbcone. The show was filmed in January, and the weather was far better than it is at the moment, so enjoy Madeira in the sunshine…..