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A tree falls on a 9 seat mini bus, on the way up to Monte, there were no injuries and Fire Fighters were quickly on site.

Sleet fell as low as Poiso, and the road up to Pico Areeiro has been closed due to the amount of snow in the area.

The strong wind in Funchal returned to cause damage during the day. Moments ago, the wind blew Vodafone’s door in Largo do Chafariz.

The Public Security Police was called to the scene and took care of the incident. There are no injuries.


Glass from the Golden Gate Café broke off due to the strong wind that has been felt throughout the day and hit a motorcycle that was parked on Avenida Arriaga.

It should be recalled that the Region’s firefighters have been called to various locations due to adverse weather conditions that have already caused several damages.

Many roads have been closed due to landslides and falling trees, but emergency services were quick to get everything open. A number of buildings in Funchal lost windows, due to the strong winds, and a number of fallen trees.

The bad weather also brings some great Rainbows, this is a great photo taken by Nuno Morna.