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I have worked all day today, so apologies for the lack of updates through the day, I tried to get a few posts up and now I will share  some of the stories that have made the news today along with videos. This will just be a brief update. The weather is still not good my side of the island, and the state of the sea is going to worsen at midnight through to 6am with a red alert warning in place, so more damage will likely be done during the night.

The mountain regions remain on red alert till 3am, then reduce to orange alert through tomorrow.

Waves crashing at Centromar Funchal

Calheta suffers from the waves

Landslide in Ponta Delgada

Firefighters are tonight keeping a presence in Paul do Mar, as it is in high risk of flooding, plus access to the area is closed I believe, can someone confirm??? This also stands for Jardim do Mar.

The Madeira-based researcher Raimundo Quintal shared a video on the YouTube platform in which he praised the river walls of Oudinot and João Gomes.

“The walls of Oudinot in the Ribeira de João Gomes were very good” was the title chosen for the video.

The images of the investigator show a section of the João Gomes river where the Government has not yet begun recovery after the damages caused by the storm of February 20, 2010. In this place, the walls that hold the city and define the bed of the river, which were built about 200 years ago by order of the Brigadier Reinaldo Oudinot. The only intervention of the Government was the placement of improvised protections in concrete, unlike the walls already built in the streams of Santa Luzia and São João,  that many criticisms were worth to the executive of Miguel Albuquerque.

A video showing images from today and the damage storm Emma has caused

When a Waterfall isn’t a Water Fall


River at Santa Cruz