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The bad weather is certainly on its way now, and the Cival Protection has closed all pedestrian routes, so all walks mountain and Levada walks are closed for at least tomorrow. This has been updated on the Tourism website HERE

The Municipality of Funchal has just informed that from the next night and until March 1, several precautions will be taken in particular regarding the closure of gardens, urban green spaces and bathing complexes. This taking into account the worsening of the weather predicted by the Regional Civil Protection Service.

The Ecological Park of Funchal, the Park of Santa Catarina and the bathing complexes will be closed. The Municipality says that it will monitor closely the evolution of the weather and proceed accordingly to any further deterioration, with the closure of roads, if applicable.

Finally, the Municipality recommends that the population heed the warnings.

Remember that there is an ‘orange’ warning for the entire Region, as far as rain and wind are concerned.

It is a little uncertain how this storm will pan out, but the island it on Orange Alert and precautions need to be taken. We could well see an update in the morning, as to where it stays as orange warning or could well raise to red especially over the mountains and south of the Island.

Remember the waves are going to be very rough tomorrow so please keep away from the shore line, they are great to watch, but be careful.

The Lifeguard Vessel SANAS10.5 is on a mission to rescue and support the unregulated vessel on the eastern side of the island. It is not yet known the causes and type of vessel that launched an SOS to land.

Sanas pros still do not know what they will find, because information about the boat in trouble is still sparse. However, the crew of the rescue vessel of the Madeiran institution are on their way to the site, where the warning was given by the sea rescue authorities in Madeira.

The wind situation is not looking good all week now for Madeira, the wind is coming from the West/South West so I don’t know if that will help in the way it travels down the runway at the airport, normally cross winds are from the North or South, but the gusts are probably going to make any flight have difficulties landing.