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tannerlarson is a young American from Tennessee who visited Madeira at the end of last year

Has just updated his instagram and has upload probably one of the best videos I have seen for Madeira. Excellent job, Who needs the tourist board when you have videos like this.

I had the chance to visit some cool places last year, and Madeira was definitely near the top of that list. When @marshall.mc @wesley_579 and I booked our flights, we honestly had no idea what we were going to find, we had just heard it was a cool place.
Cool was an understatement.
This little island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean was just a playground for us. This is a place where you can be on the coast one minute, fifteen minutes later be in a rain forest, and fifteen minutes after that, be a vertical mile above sea level looking down on the clouds. We could have stayed on this island for a month and still been finding new things to do. And on top of that the people were nothing but friendly, always going out of their way to make us feel welcome. Definitely a place I hope I find myself back at one day.