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A straight translate from the DN

The mayor of Funchal, Paulo Cafôfo, visited this afternoon the municipal bathing complexes and was accompanying the camaraderie response on the ground,  throughout the county, alongside the vice president Miguel Silva Gouveia, and the councilwoman Idalina Perestrelo .

Towards the end of the afternoon, seven roads remain conditioned or closed in the Municipality, as well as strong conditionings continue in the coastal zone between Socorridos and Ponta Gorda, with PSP taking control of access to the zone closed in Praia Formosa.

In the upper areas of Santo António, while accompanying the cleaning and clearing of a road, Paulo Cafôfo indicated that until 6:00 pm on Thursday, “the two Fire Departments of Funchal responded to 40 events related to the weather, essentially falling trees, falling structures and small floods, which are at this stage almost all resolved. ”

More complicated are the damages in the bathing complexes of the Municipality, in Praia Formosa and in the public marine promenade, that include multiple structures and equipment, among solariums, bathhouses and gyms, among others.

The President emphasises, however, “the remarkable work that continues to be done by the municipal services and by all the competent entities in the field. We have already been in the highlands of Funchal and we have been close to the coast and, rather than accounting for the existing damages, the certainty that remains is that, from the sea to the mountains, we continued to mobilise to guarantee the safety of the entire population. ”

Paulo Cafôfo nevertheless renews an appeal: “We ask everyone to continue to trust our work, respecting the warnings and recommendations that are still being issued at this stage. We can only be successful with the effort and commitment of all, without exception, and you can be sure that we are doing our part on this side. ”

The municipality continues to recommend to the population to avoid, throughout this night and dawn, the mountainous areas and, in particular, the coastal border.