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The bad weather cancelled 17 flights to and from the airport yesterday. Last nights TAP Lisbon flight at 10.30pm couldn’t land and flew back to Lisbon. Passengers on the flight who were on a connection were given a hotel for the night, but those who boarded the flight in Lisbon, were told to go home or make other arrangements, as staff could not find hotel rooms, and claim back from TAP. A search online showed there were plenty of hotel rooms available, causing an upset between all the passengers.

The storm has been pretty bad during the night with constant rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning. The Orange warnings have now ended at 9am for heavy rain and strong winds, but the whole Island remains on yellow alert.

Some flights from mainland have already been cancelled this morning, along with the Easyjet Gatwick flight which has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. The flights coming to the Island are already finding it hard to land and as of now, 9.45am, nothing has landed.