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The Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre continues in celebration, celebrating its 130 years of promoting culture. But it is also true that the works that take place inside Café Teatro do not go unnoticed. Already it is said that the objective is that the esplanade, which already exists in the exterior, extends along the whole length of the façade of the emblematic property

In the Parliament, the independent MP Gil Canha, criticised the Café do Teatro  for during certain events, to build tents and stalls with poncha and traditional foods in front of the Theatre, in a cultural cauldron of dubious taste.

As commented in the broken steps of Parliament, the entrepreneurs who explore the Café do Teatro have already asked the City Hall of Funchal to enlarge the esplanade on the public road and the Chamber is preparing to give the license.

If so, the FN recalls that it is two steps back to the time of the businessman Firmino Caldeira, who had the largest esplanade of Madeira, precisely in the middle of the walk, in front of the Theatre, with employees crossing the street with their trays of food and drink, at a time when traffic was scarce in the city. All based on iron chairs and tables.

Those who are sensitive to heritage issues are shocked by the possible expansion of Café Esplanade. Those who perceive culture exemplify the culturally rich Vienna, Austria, with gallons in the largest halls, but without esplanades in cafes and restaurants. The whole offer of cafeteria and catering is inside the buildings. They lose neither tourism nor quality of life with this