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After a small yoga class, promoted by the Club Naval, all the guests were invited, through breathing exercises, to feel the pulse of the sea and the beach, as a way of relaxation.

This was followed by a clean-up on Calheta beach in Porto Santo, which brought together children and adults on a Saturday morning for a total of 37 people. Some debris was collected, such as small environmentally harmful plastics, many pieces of wood, as well as other debris.

The mayor, Idalino Vasconcelos made a point of participating in the cleaning action, along with the President of the Town Council, Joselina Melim, and both were satisfied with the accession of countless children and adults. The mayor said that it is everyone’s duty to promote a culture of cleaning the beach, which is what we have most genuine. Idalino Vasconcelos also said that these actions will be carried out frequently, as a way to create healthy habits, as well as promote a greater awareness for the cleaning of our extensive beach.

In the end, the children were treated with an Ecomar ‘kit’, offered by the Porto Santo Club Naval. Nuno Camacho said that the club is available to be associated throughout the year with other initiatives of the municipality that aim to clean the beach.

Taken from DN