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I have had a couple of warnings sent to me which may be able to help others in the future.

The first is about the Hire Car company Gold Car, This has been posted recently on an old post in the blog, and I thought it should be brought to attention.

Beware of the three ladies at the Goldcar desk at Funchal airport, Monica ad her colleagues.

We were very disappointed in the Customer Service provided by Goldcar. We have never experienced such a hard sell for the added insurance coverage on any previous rentals. Some of the staff members were downright rude and pushy ( not a strong enough word for their behaviour).

We were welcomed with the Information, that the booked Card was less motorised for the use on the Island. As a Second reason for the hire of a more expensive car, they told us, that petrol was very expensive (1.50) versus Diesel (1.10). The difference in Reality is only 0,20 Cent.

Second Point was the insurance. Ms. Monica told us, that the booked insurance does not inclusive damages and theft protection. She showed us a sheet of paper, with pictured excludes on our rental. I asked for a copy, wondering because we booked a Full insurance with Super Cover at Auto Europe, your cooperating Partner in Germany. Mrs. Raquel refused to handle it to us as it was only an internal paper.

 She told us that The Deposition for The Full Tank was 150 Euro. I asked for the Terms and conditions, She told me, that it is only announced in The internet portal of Goldcar. I asked her to show me that, but She told me that I should Research that on my own.

In The next Moment She stood up behind her Desk crying. You will have to pay that otherwise you will not get any car. The other Customers waiting at the desk were shocked listening this very unfriendly behaviour of Mrs. Raquel.

The next point concerned the deposit. Mrs. Raquel forced us to pay a deposit of 1600 Euro. The justification was a remark on The Website of Goldcar. I told her that I already checked that in Germany, there was a deposit of only 1200 Euro announced. She cried: You pay The 1600 Euro or you will not get any car.

 I called to my contact partner at Auto Europe. Her told me that he already heard about that behaviour at Funchal Airport before. We should insist in a receipt. He than could help us to get our Money back.

 In The contract handed our after all fruitless discussions is announced a deposit of only 1200 Euro???

We lost more than one hour of our time in very fruitless discussion.

The delivered car had many damages. Asking for a copy of the handover certificate we were told, that that is not possible. Unbelievable.

I had to take a photo of the Protocol and the car.

When we returned the car, a small scratch under the front spoiler – caused by a rockfall? – cost us 200 Euro. Thank you for that brilliant experience. We felt like having booked a live performance of the rocky horror picture show.

HJ september 2017


The second has been sent to me about a Lawyer who I believe has been mentioned before on this blog. This will stand for anyone buying property, to not send money direct to a Lawyer.

Madeira – The “PERIL” of the Atlantic

I would like to caution anybody buying or selling a property in Madeira based on our recent experience. We “sold” our house in September 2016 and against my strong and repeated advice the purchasers insisted on paying the purchase price via their lawyer. He never transferred the funds to us. He was also incompetent, and failed to observe the rules of transferring the title of the house at the Registry, resulting in transfer being refused. This enabled me, at great expense in legal fees and charges, to nullify the transaction and effectively recover the property. I do know he has refunded part of the money to the purchaser, but I do not know how much.

Since that date my enquiries have revealed that this lawyer has done this many times, and he has been referred to on various quality blogs as “a lawyer working in Rua da Carreira”  in  Funchal but nowhere has he been named.

I now know that he is no longer working from there (No 128) and was never a partner in that firm, although, by coincidence his surname is the same as one of the names of the senior, and at present, the only partner in that firm. This man is a decent and honest lawyer who, unfortunately for him, has been tainted by his former colleague.

I also understand that the dishonest lawyer is continuing to practice with a view to “repaying the funds he has misappropriated “. He has moved offices twice and I do not know where he is working now. The money involved is several hundred thousand € and, in my opinion, the only way he can pay this off is to use any funds he receives in good faith and trust from future buyers and sellers of properties (which could be you!!)

Accordingly I would like to advise as many people as possible, by personal and private email, to be very cautious and alert if you come across a lawyer called (Name Removed) (Fiscal No – 197403077), or any combination of those names working in Madeira. He speaks excellent English and is very personable. It would also be good if you could also spread the word amongst your own friends on the Island.

All my attempts through official channels to try to prevent this happening again have been unsuccessful, so I feel good old word of mouth might save others the stress we have suffered over the last couple of years, not to mention what such practices will do for the reputation of the Island of Madeira.