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Yet another lot of bad weather is heading its way to Madeira, and will be noticed tomorrow.

Madeira will be affected by the Gisele ‘depression, particularly this Wednesday, with rain, wind and sea bustle. The passage of a cold frontal surface that is associated with the depression is already affecting the Azores as of today.

“We will again have the impact of a depression. We will have precipitation and strong wind and again an episode of maritime agitation from tomorrow 14th on the mainland and Madeira, but in the case of the Azores arrives today, “said Ângela Lourenço, meteorologist at the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

“In the cases of Madeira and mainland will be the passage of a cold frontal surface that is associated with depression ‘Gisele’ and will make itself felt during the day of Wednesday. We will have precipitation that will be sometimes strong, accompanied by hail and thunderstorm, especially from the afternoon, when the surface will cross the territory, “he said.

In the Madeira archipelago, the IPMA predicts worsening weather conditions, with precipitation and wind intensification occurring, especially on the night from Wednesday to Thursday. From the afternoon of day 14, it is expected an increase of the sea agitation in the North coast of Madeira, with waves with 4 to 5 meters. Even so, the situation will be more peaceful than on the continent. “The wind will also be less intense than on the mainland. Even in the continent, the areas where the depression will be most felt will be the northernmost regions, because the depression then goes to the Bay of Biscay, “he said.

According to Ângela Lourenço, the depression is born in the north of the Azores and goes towards the Bay of Biscay, affecting more directly the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

“The most critical day with regard to the effects of depression is on the 14th [Wednesday] and from there it moves north-eastward affecting the British Isles. The weather will improve during Thursday, however we will continue with a rainy situation until the weekend, but it is no longer the effect of ‘Gisele’ depression, “he said.

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