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Three Eurovision countries have chosen the Region to record a video presentation, to be shown during the contest, which starts on May 8 in Lisbon.

The competitors are from Germany, Ireland and San Marino, with the images to be collected in Madeira and also in Porto Santo, as the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture (SRTC) confirmed to JM.

Each video is being produced with duration of about 40 seconds, touching on the nature, ‘lifestyle’ and sea areas.

It is recalled that Germany is represented in the competition by Michael Schulte, who has the theme ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’, Ireland by Ryan O’Shaughnessy, with the theme ‘Together’, and San Marino by Jenifer Brening, with ‘ Who We Are ‘.

JM does not know, however, what area each competitor chose or where the particular videos are being filmed. It is true that both Michael Schulte and Jenifer Brening (in the photo) are already in Madeira, having even shared some images of the island in social networks.

On the other hand, it is known that support for the recordings is being given by the Madeira Promotion Association, which is essentially related to logistics.

Unlike the traditional presentation videos made in the home country of each of the 43 countries participating in Eurovision this year, the candidates present themselves with Portuguese landscapes as a backdrop.

The goal will be to promote the country around the world, a campaign called ‘Welcome to Portugal’.

The competition will only begin on May 8 in Lisbon, but several competitors are already touring the country to choose the points where they will be filming their videos