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This is a translate from DN

“With this postponement of another 40 days, the contest ends at the end of April, and if we give another 30 days to the Court of Audit visa we are talking at the end of May. The operation is scheduled for June 15th, “said Pedro Calado this afternoon, stressing that” what matters is that during the summer of this year we have the operation”.

According to the vice president of the Regional Government, “still good” that the contest was postponed, because “for good news is worth the wait”.

“This process is not easy. We have to take into account the dimension that the Region has, we are a population of 250 thousand inhabitants in commercial terms. It is not easy to set up such an operation, we have had a lot of difficulty finding ships available to make such an operation, moreover, we knew that from the beginning 3 million euros for a 52-week operation was very difficult, “explained Pedro Calado, adding that the Regional Government has reduced the requirement for “an operation of at least three months, but may be more than 12 operations,” to see if the connection somehow attracts some company.

Also according to the number two of the Madeiran executive, “this request that this operator made to the Regional Government was to give some time for it to be able to gather this information and could have the operation set up during the month of June.”

A story that seems to be going on and on, and still no real answers. Why is it so difficult to set this up when every island in Europe has some kind of Ferry Service?  OK 3 Million might no be much, but why not put more money in. Lets remind everyone what they wasted 120 million euros on at Lugar de Baixo.

Thanks to Mick for the photo.