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The mayor of Santa Cruz promises to “criminalise all those responsible” for the landfill of Porto Novo. The discontent for the work, in charge of the Government, had already been demonstrated several times, but today Filipe Sousa is particularly furious.

Looking at the brown stain on the coast of Santa Cruz, Filipe Sousa feels “helpless in the face of this irresponsible government, which causes considerable damage to the people of this county.”

JM also has photographs showing the state of the sea in that area, revealing a great discontent on the part of the population.

Despite the rainy days we have witnessed, and knowing that the streams drag dirt, Filipe Sousa stresses that the brown spot in the sea is due to the landslides that leave the landfill zone.

“This stain comes solely from this environmental attack that the Regional Government has blindly triggered,” said the mayor, who was revolted by the lack of speed related to the judicial actions submitted by the Chamber in an attempt to stop the continuation of this work.

“The land that leaves the landfill of Porto Novo already arrives in Santa Cruz,” he points out, noting that this work is ruining the image of the county that is “the main gateway of tourists arriving in the region.”

The brown in the sea can also be seen in the previous blog posts leading photo from Jon.