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The Government is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the non-abandonment of pets for the general public that will be broadcast on television, radio and leaflet distribution, was announced today.

Under the responsibility of the Food and Veterinary Department, the campaign will be launched on March 14, with the distribution of 40 thousand leaflets against the abandonment of animals and positive messages, as well as many others on sterilisation, although more directed to the offices of veterinarians.

The measure was announced today by the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food, Luís Medeiros Viera, during the hearing in the Committee on Environment, Spatial Planning, Decentralisation, Local Power and Housing, requested by the Left Bloc on the law of non-slaughter of animals 27/2016.

“This is a step that will be another step to sensitise people against abandoning animals and taking care of them,” said Luís Medeiros Vieira.

Theleaflets give a lot of advice to pet owners, particularly as regards non-abandonment, while calling for control of reproduction, noting that systematic reproduction of animals, without sufficient families to accommodate animals born, may constitute a maltreatment.

The message also goes on to remind you to consider whether you are considering a pet, namely the needs of the species and breed, whether you have a veterinarian, whether you know the legal obligations that go through deworming, vaccines, license.

The leaflet also calls for adoption through the Official Collection Centres (CRO) or Non-Profit Lodges (Animal Protection Associations).

According to Law 27/2016 regulating the establishment of an effective network of official pet collection centres and laying down rules governing the fate of animals collected at these centres and laying down standards for the control of stray animals, Should promote the sterilisation of stray animals.