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Lars Hansen, a Danish national, is returning to Madeira and to the management of the Savoy Group as chief operations officer.

Hansen is a reference in the Tourism industry, having served as general manager of the Savoy Group between December 1997 and May 2003.

Knowing the philosophy of Savoy, the return of Lars Hansen is “an added value for the consolidation of the sustained expansion of Savoy Hotels & Resorts and an indispensable reinforcement in the development of new projects, highlighting the new 5 star unit, the Savoy Palace, opening foreseen for spring 2019, built in the same place where once existed the emblematic Hotel Savoy”

With the admission of Lars Hansen, Savoy Hotels & Resorts presents itself, in structural terms, with an executive committee made up of three executive directors for the various areas, namely Bruno Freitas, who has the role of chief executive officer and chief financial officer; Ricardo Farinha, chief commercial officer with the direction of the Commercial Director cumulatively with the Corporate and Strategic Development area, and Lars Hansen, with the function of chief operations officer. Taken from JM

Just reading through this has the opening of the new hotel been put back to the spring of 2019?? Anyone Know??