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Depression Felix has put Madeira on Yellow Alert for wind and rain, and Orange Alert for the wind in the mountain zones for tomorrow.

The storm will pass through Madeira over the next few days, with Friday looking set to be the worse day, and more warnings will be issued. Coastal areas will be on alert from Friday, as waves of 4-5 meters will affect the south coast again, and will increase over he weekend to 5-7 meters. A warning is out to avoid coastal walks. Wind gusts could be as strong as 140kmh in the mountains over the weekend.

Felix will then pass through Portugal, Spain and France, causing a fair amount of problems for everyone, before hitting the UK.

I will say I have lived here for nearly 13 years, and I have not known a stormy period last this long, I remember back in 2008 I think is was April, we had one hell of a storm then, it lasted 4 days, and just constant wind and rain, I didn’t sleep for 3 nights as the wind was so bad. It was that storm that caused the landslide at Cristo Rei, destroying the new roadway, and cable car at the bottom, that had only just been finished late 2007.

Photo is Felix midday Friday