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It is shortly the presentation of another product with quality seal of Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres. This is Liquor of Amora (Blackberry), a drink that will enter the regional market in a small amount since the vocation of this space, as underlined by the parish priest Rui Sousa, “philosophy is not quantity but quality.”

“We are finalising the bottling process, which may take a week, to make the official presentation of another product of the Pedagogical Farm,” said on the fringes of the 6th Exhibition of Scarecrows and Cattle that can be appreciated in the parish of Prazeres .

The liquor will be bottled in a 20-centilitre container and will have an alcoholic degree of 16%, an authentic ‘ointment’, according to the priest respects ancient teachings, even saying that among the community there were those who said that in the past the drink was a kind of remedy for those who had stomach pains.

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