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News just coming in now at midnight.

There is a person who disappeared in Praia Formosa, after being dragged by a wave. The confirmation comes from Silva Ribeiro, commander of the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal, who received the alert around 11pm

“We are currently assessing the situation and moving the media there. We have the Maritime Police, the Civil Protection and I have already prepared the naval means in case it is necessary to leave, “the commander told the DAILY, adding that the alert came through a person who was on the spot and saw” a person to be swept away by a wave. ”

Still according to Silva Ribeiro, “the conditions are not very good” and the captaincy is evaluating “if the means can be sent to the place, because it is very close to the coast”.

“It’s dark at night, and you cannot see anything. The sea is very rough and the conditions are very unfavourable and will get worse, therefore, as it is near the coast the naval means do not serve for the searches. At the moment we are analysing the situation by land. If there are no conditions, we’ll leave tomorrow morning, “concluded the commander.

The patrol ship sent to the site is Figueira da Foz.