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Photo Ruben Pires

The controversial hotel Savoy Palace in Funchal will open to the public in the spring of 2019. The new hotel with 580 rooms will employ about 300 people.

“We will employ 250 people at the start and then advance to a higher number, around 300 people,” added Madeira Economic Officer, Graça Guimarães, general director of Savoy Hotels & Resorts.

The luxury hotel unit has been much contested thanks to its volumetry, but the works are proceeding at a good pace on Avenida do Infante in Funchal. With three swimming pools and a luxurious concept, the hotel will have 580 rooms for a total of 1200 beds.

It is recalled that in January, the Funchal City Council suspended the partial embargo enacted in August 2017 thanks to the approval of a new architecture and specialties project that had been submitted by the developer of the work.

The successor of the Savoy Hotel demolished in 2009 to build a new unit under the SIET group, now under the management of Horacio Roque and Joe Berardo, is now owned by AFA – Avelino Farinha Agrela.