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Between 70 and 80 troops are being deployed for the search and rescue operation for the missing man yesterday at Praia Formosa. The searches have already been resumed by land and the boat that will give support by sea left just from the Port of Funchal.

Operations resumed at 7 o’clock in the morning. “The ocean patrol Figueira da Foz is on its way there, it left the Port of Funchal five, ten minutes ago, and as soon as there is this capacity we will also have a helicopter from the Portuguese Air Force to search”, revealed the commander of Oporto and Maritime Area of ​​Madeira Silva Ribeiro.

For now there is nothing, he said, no trace of the foreign citizen disappeared last night, which would have been swept away by a wave.

The altered sea could make these operations difficult. The tide has emptied recently, it is now starting to fill.

One paper believes the missing man is a tourist, nothing yet to confirm this. If I get more news on this i will put an update.