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“I cannot do anything, I’m far away and I need to finish my course!”

This was just one of the many outbursts of João Ferreira yesterday, on his Facebook page.

The young man, desolated by the destruction of his parents bar, asks for help.  Whatever it is, even through sharing the post on Facebook.

The JM goes on to transcribe in full the appeal of the young man:

“My dear friends and companions I am far from Madeira, and need to finish my course, I just received the worst news ever, the bread and water of my family has just collapsed!

This is an appeal to my true friends, I ask for help at this difficult time. My parents lost everything, all help is welcome with either labour or a simple welcoming phrase!

I cannot do anything,  I’m far and I need to finish my course!

This night that passed as you know our south coast was devoured by huge waves of 12 meters or more! ”

The sea has invaded the whole restaurant destroying everything from offices, computers, refrigerators etc. kitchen, bar, bathrooms. We have lost everything

My parents are very hard-working fighters who work hard to achieve their goals.

But at this moment they will not be able to do it by themselves. Once again, all the help is needed. GARAJAU is all destroyed!

IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE GARAJAU AS IT WAS BEFORE PLEASE HELP ME, never went through same situation is very difficult to see our family lose everything , where they worked hard sacrificed many hours many headaches! But this is the biggest of all. Help me, Even with a simple sharing of this post!