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TAP informs that there are no places for Sunday and recommends people travelling to Madeira to search for a hotel in Lisbon, up to the cost of 60 euros!

It has just significantly increased the passenger disorder of flight TP 1693 which was scheduled to leave at 10.10 pm, from Lisbon to Funchal. The trip was cancelled, as reported last night, but only an hour later TAP provided some information for its passengers.

The company clarified that the cancellation of the flight is due to “technical issues” and informed passengers that not only cannot travel to Madeira that night, but also cannot do so Sunday.  At best, there are only places on Monday.

After grouping the passengers that were supposed to fill the plane, TAP asked those who have a home in Lisbon to return to their home and those who do not have that possibility should look for a hotel in the Portuguese capital with a rate of up to 60 euros.

The information of the company left perplexed some passengers who hoped to arrive in Funchal yesterday evening. Among these are young students, some from outside Lisbon, who do not have funds to advance to a hotel nor for transportation and food until Monday.

In addition to not securing call for tonight, TAP does not accept to reschedule the ticket over the counter. For this, customers will have to do it through the call centre, and passengers are already complaining they waited on the phone for more than 40 minutes, and then cut off.


Wind at the airport this morning made the Easyjet Porto flight divert to Porto Santo, but things seem to have improved and flights are landing OK.