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The most emblematic house of shows in Funchal, the Municipal Theater Baltazar Dias, is to be congratulated this Sunday, March 11.

It was precisely 130 years ago, on 11 March 1888, that the Funchalenese finally realised their desire to have a Theater at the level of the great European cities. Funchal was dressed like a gala and received the Zarzuela ‘Las Dos Princesas’, from the Spanish company of José Zamorano, for the inauguration of the much desired house of shows.

The celebrations to mark this event have been taking place since 1 March and during 11 days filled rooms and exhausted so many sessions, which focused on a sample of the different areas of programming that the Theater usually hosts during the artistic seasons (conferences, children’s visits of the educational project ‘Baltazar Júnior’, concerts for babies and children, children’s workshop, theater, dance, music and cinema shows).

The celebrations will end today at 6 pm with the show, ‘The Year of Ricardo Reis’, which will be followed by a Madeira D’Honra.