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The Madeira Whale Museum, located in Caniçal, received last year 27,361 visitors in its permanent exhibitions, registering an increase in the number of people that annually visit the museum and beating its own record of previous years.

Between 2014 and 2017, the Whale Museum increased by 8 thousand visitors, an increase of 38 percent, “unequivocally reflecting the excellent results of a balanced management by the Municipality, not forgetting the good performance and the fundamental contribution of the personnel affected to that unit, in the various aspects of action (scientific, educational and museological). ”

The reading is from the City Hall of Machico, which oversees the space that since 1990 has made known the Madeira whaling and the biology of cetaceans. In 2011, it has become one of the most innovative museums of its kind, combining recent communication technologies with the valuable museological collection it holds on the history of Whaling in Madeira.

Recently, the municipality, in view of the promotion and appreciation of this space, invested in the improvements and relocation of the merchandising store, as well as in the cafeteria space, which was inactive, in a continuous effort to attract a greater number of visitors, namely in in terms of tourist movement, in order to project the Whale Museum as one of the most attractive museum spaces in the region.