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The strong wind that has been felt this Saturday in Madeira has already exceeded the IPMA limits, with races of 136 km / h at Chão do Areeiro (red warning level) and 111 km / h at Madeira Airport (level orange warning).

It is recalled that the IPMA has activated the orange warning (bursts up to 130 km / h) for the Mountain Regions, and the yellow warning (bursts up to 90 km / h) for the South Coast.

Above 100 km / h it has also breathed on the Lombo da Terça (121 km / h) and Pico Alto (113 km / h).

At Madeira Airport, which is back inoperative due to the strong wind that has been damaging the airport infrastructure, in the last hour the average wind registered was 65.5 km / h, with the strongest gust (111 km / h) been registered at around 2:30 p.m.

Also reports of a large landslide in Santa Serra close to a house. Cival Protection are at the scene.