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Timóteo Costa, a pilot who has landed on Madreira many times, says Porto Santo may be a resource solution, but he believes the problem lies within the limits that still exist at the airport.

Commander Timoteo Costa, record holder of landings at Madeira Airport, believes that it is necessary to find a solution that guarantees the operation of the Santa Cruz runway.

The pilot, now retired, said that he will attend the Forum to be held today in Machico, promoted in partnership with JM and ACIN iCloud Solutions, which will present the proposal of the Order of Technical Engineers to provide Madeira with an alternative to the airport.

“We have to find a solution when things go wrong at Madeira Airport,” he told JM. “It’s sad to see what’s happening at the airport and the situation the passengers are in.”

However, the former SATA commander, who has about 8,000 landings at Madeira Airport, believes that more important than finding an alternative to the Santa Cruz runway is to review the limits that currently exist.

“This group is working very well, but personally, I preferred a solution that would prevent these situations,” he said. Timóteo Costa makes use of an analogy with the forest fires to explain this. “After the forest has burned, reforestation measures have to be taken, but I believe that the means should be sought so that the forest does not burn easily again,” he said.

The increase in the number of flights to the region, and climate change are the reasons given by the commander to justify the various situations of inoperability that have occurred in recent times. Therefore he defends the change of the limits, considering that Porto Santo could be an “alternative  resource”.

“The airport has the capacity to solve this problem, which in my opinion is bound to the limits of the winds,” he said. “It’s an issue that has to be resolved. The Madeira airport is the only airport in the world that has these fixed limitations, and they are limits that are no longer justified. “