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of 200 Madeiran students are having difficulty returning to Madeira after the finalists’ trip to Punta Umbria, Spain, due to the cancellation of the TAP flight scheduled for 1925 today between Lisbon and Madeira.

Students were surprised by the cancellation of the flight and still do not know how to get home.

The DN was contacted by a parent, whose child is part of the finalists group, in order to account for the ineffectiveness of TAP, which, in addition to canceling the flight “without any justification”, remitted the responsibility to the Travel Agency for being “A large group of passengers”.

TP 1677 was scheduled to leave Lisbon this afternoon at 7.25 p.m., arriving in Funchal around 9:10 p.m. It was on this flight that part of the group of finalists would come home, so that they could resume classes tomorrow, April 9.

According to the same head of education, Madeiran students are on their way to Lisbon airport (they left Spain this morning by bus) and will try to get more information and information there. This is because to the parents who have contacted TAP, the company has only said that “the responsibility is of the Agency that dealt with the trip”.

Yesterday easyjet also cancelled two flights from Lisbon, but did give a reason  being due to the French Air Strike.