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In a statement sent to the press, the Regional Government “regrets the accident, unfortunately fatal, that occurred yesterday on the Levada 25 Fontes in Rabaçal, with a tourist of French origin.”

According to the statement issued, the situation “is being monitored on the ground by the Forest Police Corps, in conjunction with other entities, and the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) and the Regional Directorate of Tourism of the French consul in Madeira, willingness to provide all necessary support to the victim’s family.”

“Although the Routes Recommended by the Regional Government are regularly maintained by the IFCN in order to provide the greatest possible safety, we cannot but warn of the care everyone should have when moving to the mountains. Care at the level of clothing and footwear, but also at the level of behaviour, such as leaving the course, which unfortunately is often observed, “recalls the guardianship.

“Every day, the IFCN counts hundreds of people to go through our recommended courses and paths. We therefore reiterate the need for everyone to take the necessary precautions. Also read information about the course that is intended to be carried out, namely on the size and degree of difficulty of the same “. From DN

Levada 25 Fontes is one of the busiest walks on the Island, and with two deaths in 2 week, it will be a shame to see it being regulated as o the number of people doing it , but that could happen, if people don’t respect the dangers.

It is a real shame that people do go through fences and gates that are closed off, and do not also concentrate on the walks and end up slipping or falling. I do a lot of walking myself, and some of the clothes and footwear people use on these walks is laughable. You really need a few layers of clothing as you never know how quickly the weather will change, good footwear with a good grip as there is always a lot of water on most walks, and areas become very slippery. A touch, some food and water, and of course a mobile phone with extra battery power.