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The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) has issued a yellow warning to the island of Madeira related to the maritime unrest on the North Coast. The warning comes into effect at 6 am on Monday morning, until noon, when weather conditions are expected to increase, with orange warning coming in, the third most severe on the scale of four.

The orange will be active until midnight this Monday, with North waves 5-6 meters, reaching a maximum height of 11 meters. The warning will decrease to yellow between midnight and 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning. The same forecasts are extended to the island of Porto Santo for this Monday, April 9.

The wind will also have yellow warning throughout the island, with gusts expected to reach 75km / h, between 11h50 on Sunday and 21h tomorrow. In mountainous regions the intensity of the wind can reach 95 km / h between 21 hours today and 21 hours tomorrow.

There could well be problems at the air p rt tomorrow, with the wind coming from the North,, meaning cross winds across the runway.