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The storm that struck Madeira earlier this year, with a strong swell on the south coast, caused damages in the order of 670,000 euros in the bathing complexes of Funchal, but the spaces will open in early summer.

The commitment was promised to the agency Lusa by the vice-president of the Municipality of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia.

“The bathing complexes were the structures most affected by the storm recorded between February 27 and March 1,” he said.

According to the survey carried out by the municipality, the damages caused in these complexes managed by the inter-municipal company Frente Mar are estimated, overall, at 670 thousand euros.

“But in spite of the damage, all these complexes will open to the public, without any limitation, only with some areas delimited for security reasons, at the beginning of the bathing season,” said the mayor.

Miguel Silva Gouveia pointed out that “the only exception is Gavinas beach, because it is necessary to analyse the solution for access to the sea”.

“Our priority is the complexes and beaches with Blue Flags,” he said.

In Madeira will be hoisted this year 14 Blue Flags, one more than last year. In the municipality of Funchal, the award-winning areas are praia do Areeiro, a praia Formosa, o Complexo Balnear da Ponta Gorda – Poços do Governador, o Clube Naval do Funchal e o Complexo Balnear do Lido.

The mayor indicated that “it needs to look more at Praia Formosa – which is free access – because the storm took half of the pebble along with the old bridge and it cannot be rebuilt in the same way.” The losses were valued at 90 thousand euros.

For its recovery there are two options under analysis, taking into account that the 90 thousand euros are an estimated value that corresponds only and only to a situation of regularisation of the beach filling the course with beach material, and placing a removable walkway.

A second option involves the “construction of a fixed and definitive concrete walkway in front of two hotels, with a length of 235 meters, the value of which can be estimated at 450,000 and which could even be consummated in an eventual partnership with the hotels, who will also contribute to its protection. ”

According to the mayor, on the beach of the Lido West, “the solarium has been completely destroyed and the repair works are of some size and are not cheap.”

Miguel Silva Gouveia stated that damages in the beaches of São Tiago and Barreirinha (east of Funchal) were evaluated in 160 thousand euros, being 60 thousand the damages in the Complexo Balnear das Poças do Governados (western zone)

In Gorgulho the damage is estimated at 70 thousand euros, in the Lido Poente beach in 15 thousand, in the Lido complex in 160 thousand and in Ponta Gorda in 105 thousand.

On the damaged structures, the vice president indicated that the strong ripple affected solariums, doors, support equipment, fences, electrical, surveillance and alarm systems, water and sewer pipes, bridges, balconies, access to the sea, engine houses and pumping systems of the swimming pools, there is a case (Gorgulho / Gavinas) where it is necessary to consolidate the escarpment near the beach. Taken from JM