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The Spanish airline Binter won the tender for the Madeira – Porto Santo airline. The news, recently released by RTP-M, reveals that the choice is not yet public, but the companies have already been informed of the outcome of the competition.

According to the news, the jury option is surprising, as it is dictated by the exclusion of the two Portuguese companies that also competed: Aerovip and LFAS – Lease Fly Aviation Services.

In the opinion of the selection board, the proposals of these two companies did not meet all the requirements. For this outcome, the fact that Binter has a larger capacity device: an ATR 72 that carries about 70 passengers. On the other hand, the Spanish company showed openness to secure flights to and from Lisbon, being  responsible for flights between the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, Morocco, Madeira and the Azores.