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Centenary Ceremony of the Battle of La-Lys

held at the Santa do Porto Moniz Monument

7th April 2018

Thanks to Susan for sending this information.

In the presence of the Regional Governor of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, high ranking military officers from the three Services, the President of the Liga dos Combatentes, the President of the Municipal Camara of Porto Moniz and the Madeira Representative of the Royal British Legion, a military ceremony was held and flowers were laid at the base of the Monument.

The Battle of the Lys, also known as the Lys Offensive, the Fourth Battle of Ypres, the Fourth Battle of Flanders and Operation Georgette, was part of the 1918 German offensive in Flanders during World War I, also known as the Spring Offensive.

The sculpture of a WW1 soldier was only inaugurated last year and is extremely impressive and it is interesting to read about the Sculptor on Internet – Luís Paizão with details about the sculpture.

The ceremony was followed by a lunch offered by the Major of Porto Moniz and attended by many members of the Liga do Combatentes and their families.  The Sculptor was present and it was a pleasure to meet him and congratulate him on his excellent art work.

After the lunch we returned to collect the poppy wreath, as is usual, only to find some souvenir hunters must have been around as it was missing and the other flowers rearranged, a shame as it costs £20 a wreath and the cost of this has to be borne by the RBL.