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The flight failures at the Madeira airport that have been increasing considerably in recent times, have been causing a lot of anger with holiday passengers and locals, with many flights cancelled, diverted, or long delays.

New plans show the possibility to build a new airport out at sea just off the coast of where the airport is now. This could solve the problems of cross winds which affect flights the most, and the runway will be much longer, also giving the opportunity for larger planes to land.

The airport is to be completely rebuilt. The runway is then to be approximately 3,500 m long and thus also easily suitable for large aircraft such as the Airbus 380 and the Boeing 747.

The island will be about 700 m wide, with larger areas being reserved for airfreight warehouses. Likewise, the area of ​​the existing airport will mainly be built with warehouse buildings, but part of the area is also planned for a larger airport hotel.

The runway will be about 2.5 km from the previous one, the impact of the cross winds should no longer be worth mentioning.

The orientation of the runway is designed in such a way that the airport can be flown without curves and without hindrance obstacles.

Although the seafloor well-known around Madeira falls sharply, there are feasible conditions in the area under consideration. On the average, the depth is only 30 to 50 m, only in some places is it down to about 100 m.

According to the planning team, such depths are to be mastered with today’s means of technology.

The whole thing is to be financed from EU funds, but only in part.

Instead, the main source of money will be a consortium of freight carriers such as Federal Express, DHL and United Parcel Service, which are urgently looking for a hub for goods traffic between South America, Central Africa and Europe.

According to reports, a freight airport in the Madeira area offers ideal opportunities. There will accordingly be a round-the-clock operation, and according to the principle as described e.g. FedEx in Memphis, UPS in Cologne-Bonn or DHL in Leipzig, will be one of the main transfer points for world air transport.

Quasi as a by-product, however, new markets are now opened up for passenger traffic, since jumbos from the USA or Russia can now easily land here.

There will be hardly any capacity problems here, because the passenger flights are handled during the day, the cargo flights mainly at night.

The economic situation of Madeira should also develop very positively. A number of jobs are being created, and some of the tariffs will probably remain on the island. Translated from DN

If this happens and I guess it will take many years to build, it could solve the problem of cross winds, but I guess flights still wont be able to land in strong winds and poor visibility With the many Freight Carriers that could use the new area, this could mean a better postal service for the island which in my opinion is at its worse at the moment, so that would be a huge plus, and lower postal prices even better.

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