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Leading photo Rui Sousa, Madeira Planes & Stuff

The Easyjet flight leaving Lisbon at 18:40 this Sunday for Madeira was cancelled. This flight was scheduled to arrive at Madeira Airport ay 20:40.  As a consequence of the cancellation of this connection, there is also the flight Funchal-Lisbon with departure scheduled for 21h10.


The airline did not provide any explanation for this cancellation. This situation exacerbates the constraints on the airline to Madeira, with cancellations of flights also by TAP.


Regarding the Cancelled TAP flight leaving all the students stranded, there seems to be two storys to this with possible solutions. This first one from the DN.

TAP has already begun to respond to passengers detained in Lisbon due to the cancellation of flights to various European cities. According to DN, the Madeiran students returning to Madeira after the finalists’ trip to Punta Umbria, Spain, will begin to embark for Madeira on a flight scheduled to leave at 9:50 pm. The information was advanced by Inês Freitas, who is part of the Madeiran student group.

The young Madeiran is one of those contemplated with this flight, but said that not everyone was so lucky. This is because TAP divided the students into two groups, with different solutions. The second option, which is causing apprehension among students at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon, has to do with the alternative presented by TAP suggesting a trip from Lisbon to Oporto on Tuesday, Then fly to Madeira on Wednesday at 06:05.

She said that the students were all tired and had to wait at least two hours until they had clarification of the TAP counter, due to the large influx of passengers to various cities who complained about it and looked for information and alternatives of flights.

Inês Freitas regrets the airline’s attitude by not informing them of the cancellation of the flight and will demand the compensation of 250 euros to which they are entitled.

Then there is this story from JM.

The protests of the Madeiran youth at Lisbon Airport were successful.

Following the cancellation of a scheduled flight arriving in Madeira at 9:00 pm today, the TAP communications office reported that for “operational reasons” Madeira’s finalists would have to remain in Lisbon.

To what JM was able to ascertain, with the mother of one of the young students in the Lyceum Jaime Moniz and coming from the journey of setimanista, in an initial phase it had been intention of the company in not to give any aid to the students. He confessed to JM that, after calling the airline’s helpline, her mother received the information that they would “go to Porto on Tuesday and that, only on Wednesday, they could travel from Oporto to Madeira. Until then, TAP said that the stay and food would have to be taken over by the young people. ”

However, due to the strong pressure that was finally exerted, a turnaround took place and the airline company eventually offered the hotel for the affected passengers, after the young people stayed at the airport, waiting for a solution. According to the aforementioned mother, it was also guaranteed that the young people would continue to the Region early in the morning, with departure scheduled for 07.00.

With the expected bad weather tomorrow of strong winds, we could see even more problems for these two companies.


The captaincy of Funchal this afternoon issued a warning of strong sea turmoil until tomorrow at 6:00 p.m., advising shipowners to “take precautions to keep them in the ports of refuge”.

The Captain’s warning, signed by sea captain Paulo Ribeiro, follows the information on the weather conditions of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, which forecasts until tomorrow afternoon a very fresh North wind (36 at 44 km / hour), sometimes strong (45 to 54 km / hour). The rippling on the north coast will be from the northwest quadrant with waves from 3 to 4 meters, gradually passing to North waves with 5 to 6 meters. On the south coast the swell is southwest with 1 to 2.5 meters high. From DN.