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The relationship between Man and Nature is a didactic dialogue of more import now than at probably any previous time since Man learned to produce fire.
Gaia and homo sapiens are locked in a mutual embrace.
From the very beginnings of artistic expression, human observation of Nature has been explicit in mankind´s visual production and has been an almost unlimited source of inspiration.
What we are is reflected in what we see and vice versa.

From a close scientific investigation into the details of flora to the wildly expressive emotional reactions to landscapes, this exhibition charts the work of two resident British artists working on the island of Maderia – truly of all islands one of the most beautiful in the world

Botanical Portraits
By Angie Gray
Rural Landscapes
By Greg Pitches
Floral Tributes
By Lillie Ceramics (Jenny and Lonny Lille)

Come and visit the exhibition at Caravel Art Centre